How To Win Hearts With Your Fashion Brand Story

by Apr 15, 2019

Do your fashion brand stories make shoppers dream… and buy?

That skill is part of the 8 golden rules of selling in a fashion marketplace.

We started already with rule No. 1: Product Offering.

And now, we are moving on to rule No. 2: Brand Consistency.

The Fashion Talents Blog unveils all the successful practices to go from beginner to winner in the fashion eBusiness.

And your fashion brand story is your ticket to that success.

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It’s easier than you think. Some businesses are already very good at brand consistency, but by far, not the majority.

That is your chance to be a length ahead of them.

Shall I show you?

Brand Consistency: Storytelling

While fashion products are blood to a business, it also requires a story to embody them.

Some celebrities have understood that much better than many fashion brands out there.

Customers don’t know who Calvin Klein is for anymore and disdain it, but Kylie Jenner has built a soon-to-be billion-dollar company, Kylie, in 7 years only while it took 25 years to Bobbi Brown and 80 years to Lancôme to reach 1 billion in sales.

Everyone agrees that Kylie doesn’t sell better beauty products than Bobbi Brown or Lancôme. But the brand’s story was more convincing.

Chiara Ferragni, an anonymous Italian fashionista who became one of the 3 most famous fashion bloggers in just a few years, made $20M in 2017 with branded fashion products and selling her image through her story.

Bloggers and influencers are now representatives as well as direct competitors to fashion and beauty brands.

They tell a newer story and offer a better experience to consumers while having a different approach to fashion and no traditional expertise in the fashion business.

Customers seek more and more the unique and hard-to-find in an overcrowded fashion offer worldwide.

Independent fashion businesses develop products that offer the uniqueness and exclusivity the luxury market does not provide to consumers anymore.

It’s never been cooler to wear an unknown or emerging brand.”

Lisa Aiken

Retail Fashion Director, The Net-a-Porter Group

Brand loyalty is falling as much as the appetite for newness is rising.

Chitose Abe, the designer behind Sacai, is known for mixing shapes and materials like a wool sweater becoming a cotton shirt. Her unique and pricey designs are sold in a few selected stores worldwide, and on luxury marketplaces like Farfetch and Net-a-Porter.

Your time in fashion has arrived.

Having the right bag now is more important than having the most expensive one.”

Sara Wong

Accessory Merchandise Manager, Lane Crawford

What is the story leading your fashion business to take wing?

Brand consistency is the second major rule to master fashion eBusiness.

We post a new rule every month in 2019.

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Your fashion brand story needs to be part of each and every one of your products, through your images but also your words.

Tell us about your fashion brand story. There are hearts to win out there!

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