How To Look Your Best In The Eye Of Online Customers

by Jun 3, 2019

How does your fashion brand look like in the eye of online shoppers?



Or wonderful?

According to studies, there are 4 types of fans: “non-fans”, “light fans”, “medium users”, “heavy users.” “Heavy users” contribute to around 80% of the revenue while being only 20% or less of the total fan base.

Again, the Pareto Principle in action.

Being able to attract  “heavy users” with your brand is crucial to your success from the beginning on.

Customer service is an obvious tool many fashion brands still do neglect.

This is also the golden rule No. 4 of selling successfully online, after your product, your brand, and your prices.

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Offering the customer service your customers love is no rocket science. It’s a mindset and behavior.

Let’s go for it!

Customer Service Mindset

Like it or not, customers see what you do.

Even more online than anywhere else on earth.

But do you want to help your customers see you at your best?

That is the mission of your customer service.

Make it easier, faster, and cheaper for your shoppers. And they will become repeat customers in no time.

It all starts with the right mindset… and the right data.

Online shopping provides data, a lot of data. Use them to recognize your eCustomers’ specific needs. Then, help them find quickly what they are looking for.

Shoppers are much more likely to buy when they feel a personal experience with your fashion brand. They feel that you “know” them, that you “understand” who they are. They appreciate that you “care” about them.

Everlane keeps trying to make its customers feel special through personalized marketing emails.

But data has another amazing benefit than personalization for your customer. It’s transparency.

Transparency builds trust.

And it’s also a strong value driving customers into the core fan base of “heavy users.”

Transparency is first a mindset that turns into a behavior.

You know you’re not anonymous on our site. We’re greeting you by name, showing you past purchases, to the degree that you can arrange to have transparency combined with an explanation of what the consumer benefit is.”

Jeff Bezos

Founder and CEO, Amazon

Customer Service Behavior

How does transparency look like in the eye of your customer?

Let them write ratings and reviews online about your products.

You will get social proof at the same time, helping you win new customers.

Then go one step further with price transparency.

At Everlane, we want the right choice to be as easy as putting on a great T-shirt. That’s why we partner with the best, ethical factories around the world. Source only the finest materials. And share those stories with you—down to the true cost of every product we make. It’s a new way of doing things. We call it Radical Transparency.”


Ergo, transparency about your cost structure (production, materials, margin, etc…) builds enormous trust. And it also gives such a comfortable feeling of fairness for everyone.

This is the path more and more fashion brands want to take, following Everlane‘s example. Like sustainability in fashion. Both driven by consumer’s demand.

A vast majority of customers wants to pay a fair price.

But there are always exceptions to the rule.

Gucci’s fans have been buying products without any discount since 2016. They seem to love every product, whatever the price may be. And Gucci is not a transparent fashion brand at any level.

Supreme has a similar approach than the traditional luxury sector. T-shirts costing only $3 are sold for $64. Supreme teenage customers don’t buy any t-shirt. They buy the white and red logo to get a status. On purpose, Supreme creates rarity. Hence the tension, crave and willingness to pay a much higher price than the real value of the product.

What happens next?

Most buyers, who had lined up to get the newest products, resell them right away outside… to the unfortunate customers still waiting in the line in front of the store… It has become a game… and a lucrative one for some customers.

We are far from the “value for money” concept.

This is neither a sustainable strategy nor an ethical one for your new fashion eBusiness.

Supreme has now to fight against many “legalcopycats in Europe. They offer the same sought after logoed products at a much lower price. Apparently, the Supreme fan base is not loyal enough to boycott them.

Fact is that no brand can build a lasting fashion business at the cost of their customers.

How do you serve your eCustomers better, making them look and feel even greater?

Shoppers and Customers scrutinize brands because they can. Access to info about your brand is as easy as one click.

Customer Service is the 4th golden rule of our mini-guide about selling in a fashion marketplace.

And it’s more vital than ever to do it right.

We post a new rule every month in 2019.

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(Photo from Unsplash: Scott Webb, Mohammad Metri, Franki Chamaki, Everlane, Joojoo Wong, Dima Pechurin, Claudio Schwarz, Charles).

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