How it works.

Fashion Talents is more than a marketplace.
It’s a global online fashion fair open to any designer and customer, and it’s a tribe of fashion lovers.

We are on a mission to offer new fashion talents a better future in fashion and fashion customer a better access to designer’s fashions.

Fashion Talents unlocks fashion business through the democratization of info, tools, and market access.

We are also mindful of everyone’s budget. Designers can start their fashion business on a shoestring, and customers can access unique designer’s clothes at fair prices.

Free Access for Customers

  • One stop shop open 24/7 – Shop at your convenience and no wasting time
  • Direct access to designers – Get personalized service and custom products
  • Never-seen-before designs – Create your unique style and shine out
  • Value for money – Look at your best for less
  • Worldwide shipping – Receive fashion treasures wherever you are

Risk-Free Model for Designers

  • Lifetime free membership during launch time – Save 25€/month (price after launch time)
  • No listing fee or product limit – Decide your own business rhythm
  • High margin of 85% (only 15% commission) – Earn more from your work
  • Free e-commerce support – Have more time to create and no technical hassle
  • Free promotion – Reach your customers wide and fast

Fashion lovers can

Fashion designers start

How do we give upstart fashion designers power over the fashion industry?

No experience?
You may not know where to start.

The Fashion Talents Blog shows you the way to launch and grow your fashion label with free and actionable guidance. It’s not complicated. It’s just work, and we make it much easier for you!

No time?
You may not be able to afford to work for 6 months on a full clothing line without earning any money in between.

On the Fashion Talents Marketplace, you can start selling your first fashion item as soon as it’s ready. No minimum or maximum listing. You just need a single product to open your store with, and we help you promote it right away!

No connections?
You may be far away from having access to any fashion influencer or expert.

With Fashion Talents, you don’t need the help of any fashion editor or blogger to sell. You don’t need retailers or wholesalers to sell either. You just need customers to sell to, and we bring them to you!

No money?
You may not have any investor on your side.

We are fully aware of that, and that is why the Fashion Talents Marketplace makes it possible for you to start your fashion business on a shoestring budget and to get higher margins from every product. Healthier for you and your bank account!

It’s up to you to start now your future in fashion. And we are here to help!

Everyone starts from zero. Small is the new Big!

And when you take action on your creative ideas, the sky is the limit!

It’s only 3 small steps and just a few minutes to start your store. Want to have a look?

Fashion Talents features for designers

No entry barrier
No application
No selection
No minimum listing

Direct online selling
to fashion-loving customers
around the world

High customer traffic
from the networks
of all fashion designers

Free Promotion
through our blog
and social media pages
all open to
designers and customers

Free Guidance
to help newcomers
reach fashion business success

Community benefits
(benchmark, inspiration, collaborative projects)
from like-minded people facing the same challenges

We look forward to welcoming you to Fashion Talents!

Get Started For Free!

Fashion Talents is an open marketplace where you create your fashion business in minutes


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