How To Go From Beginner To Winner In A Fashion Marketplace

by Feb 18, 2019

Ever wished to sell your fashion designs in a fashion marketplace but not sure about how to be a successful seller?

The new Fashion Talents mini guide tells you everything you need to know to master online selling.

And it is actually quite simple.

Whether you are a beginner or more experienced, there are 8 golden rules to follow.

But many people don’t, and they miss many sales without even knowing.

You don’t want to do the same mistake, right?

Read on…

Everyone Starts At Zero

Zero followers. Zero customers. Zero profit.

You may not feel like your audience is large enough for you to make a living from your fashion designs, but without starting, your customer base will not grow.

In a fashion marketplace, you can start your fashion business at zero, not taking any financial risk.

Do you know where fashion customers go shopping today?

30 years ago, 70% of fashion sales in the US were done at department stores.

Now it’s only 28% and less and less every year.

Where are the 42% gone?

Customers buy fashion anywhere in the world, and more and more online.

14% is the annual growth for online fashion revenues worldwide versus 1% for offline ones… every year since 2012.

Starting to sell in an online fashion marketplace will bring you customers and 5 freedoms:

  • financial
  • time
  • location
  • people you work with
  • purpose

Isn’t it your plan to do the job you love and are meant to do?

Go now from scratch to strike in the fashion business.

Shall I show you?

Start Here: Product Offering

There is no business for a fashion designer with a product nobody wants or needs.

Even Steve Jobs thought we would all have today our personal Segway as the primary mean of transportation in the city.

He even offered $63 million for 10% of the company. After 10 years, the company is still not profitable. Time called it 1 of the 10 biggest technology flops of the decade.

To the opposite, Sara Blakely invented shapewear with only $5 000 and became the world’s youngest self-made billionaire with Spanx.

Products don’t create value. Customers do.”

Bill Sahlman

Professor of Business Ecoomics, Harvard

It’s not a question of money.

It’s a question of ideas.

And the first idea may not work.

You will be more successful in generating many fashion product ideas than obsessing about one and refining it to perfection.

The more ideas you put out there before the eyes of customers, the more winner products you will see.

Don’t try too hard.

Just keep designing relentlessly what you like.

One Product First

Picasso produced more than 1 800 paintings, 1 200 sculptures, 2 800 ceramics, and 12 000 drawings.

How many do you know?

The truth is that only a fraction got public fame.

Same for the “It Bag” of designers.

In 1998, Vanessa Bruno, a former model who started a fashion brand under her name, launched a cotton bag, called Le Cabas, with sequins embellishments.

20 years later, she still sells 1 Cabas in the world every 30 minutes.

Jasmin Larian, a fashion design graduate from the FIT, launched the Ark Bag in 2013. The design comes directly from Japanese picnic bags of the 50s. That bag became the “It Bag” of 2017 and brought $15M in sales for Cult Gaia in 2018.

In 2017, Cult Gaia made in 1 month the revenue it was making before in 1 year. Without this product success, Jasmin couldn’t make now ready-to-wear collections and build a lifestyle brand.

Fashion products make successful brands.

Your turn now!

When do you send your first product out to get your first breakout?

A first product offering is the first of the 8 golden rules we show you in the new free and essential mini guide for fashion eBusiness.

We post a new rule every month in 2019.

Don’t want to wait?

Grab your copy of the guide below.

Ever wished to list your fashion products in a marketplace and multiply sales?
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