Who Needs Another Fashion Blog?

by Jan 1, 2018

Do you have an idea of how many fashion blogs are out there?

Nobody knows precisely, but the guess is at least a few hundreds of thousands.

And do you know the scariest thing in that figure?

Hundreds of thousands of them have very few readers, if any. How come?

There is just one problem…

What are fashion blogs for?

Blogs about fashion news are just the online versions of fashion magazines. Apart from them, most fashion bloggers are running a personal blog and talking mainly about themselves: “Me myself and I.”

They use their blog as a mirror to look at themselves. They share with you what they like and dislike in fashion, and give you their shopping tips to tell you precisely what to buy and wear for the next season.

Some fashion bloggers are paid by fashion companies to advertise their products. You must know those fashion influencers as they have hundreds of thousands of followers, if not millions. At least you know the most famous one: Kim Kardashian. Her influence is so huge that she could rise a beauty business out of it.

The Federal Trade Commission, an independent agency of the US government in charge of consumer protection, is after them all to make sure they disclose the content they sponsor. The truth is that many disguise advertising and promotion in their articles.

So, what’s the fashion blogging offer in the end?

Online versions of fashion magazines, fashion influencers, and all the others who dream to become fashion influencers too and be paid for writing.

Who needs another fashion blog like that? No one. They are already more than needed on the market.

At Fashion Talents, we have a different view on blogging.

Blogs are not made for bloggers to boost their ego. Blogs are made and meant for readers.

Every successful business blogger will tell you that their primary job is to solve people’s problem with valuable information.

Do you know Mari Smith, also called “the Queen of Facebook“?

In her book “The New Relationship Marketing,” she had a striking statement, yet very simple, and I feel it is excellent advice for business people, as many seem to ignore it, but also for bloggers.

You have to determine what people need versus what you want to give.”

Mari Smith

Social Media Thought Leader

Why would you need a fashion blog?

Like most people, I guess that you need to find the answers to your questions and you look into blogs because they can be full of valuable information as long as they are not full of ads, either visible on the sidebar or hidden in the articles.

Surprisingly, there are very few blogs for aspiring fashion designers wanting to start a fashion business for instance. Is it because very few bloggers:

  • Care about them?
  • Think they are worth writing even though they are not famous?
  • Are able to give valuable information to them?

Yet, starting a fashion business raises hundreds of questions that are not answered or answered anywhere.

Competition is fierce in the fashion business, and the information you can find online is very fragmented, questionable, and even often outdated. It’s still today very difficult for emerging fashion designers to get known, and before that, to find valuable advice and information to start in the fashion business.

But that’s not all…

Most fashion customers in the world don’t even know where to find new fashion designers. If you are not known, you don’t show up in the results before a large number of pages, and nearly nobody can find you there.

Finding the information fashion designers and fashion customers need in an ocean of irrelevant or missing information feels like looking for the Grail.

So, what’s the solution?

Let’s assume you are a young fashion talent desperate to find your way in the fashion business without spending the money you don’t have and having to wait for too long to make it?

The Fashion Talents Blog was designed for you.

What is the purpose of the Fashion Talents Blog?

Offering free and useful resources to aspiring fashion designers and fashion design students who want to start their own fashion business.
You don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great.”
Zig Ziglar

American Author

Everyone starting a business needs answers, guidance, ideas, advice, comfort, and inspiration to start on the right track.

Everyone starting a business needs to navigate in a new world and sort the wheat from the chaff in an ocean of information to find their way.

What is our fashion blogging mission?

Empowering fashion talents to do business.

Many things that were costly and difficult to access before are now available in no time for nearly no money. You can start a fashion business today and scale it up steadily over time to builds your profits. You can do it yourself. We just want to show you the way and give you the essential tools because you deserve to have the best possible chance of success.

Why do we care?

Because we love fashion talents.

They are creative, inventive and inspiring. To the opposite of established fashion brands, they are free and have fresh ideas. This is why their voice is needed.

Because we want fashion talents to be successful.

If you are talented, you should be successful de facto. But things are unfortunately not that straightforward.

This is why we are here to help!

It is very frustrating for us to see people with a lot of passion and talent for fashion but they are either not getting any answers to their questions, or even worse, getting very wrong ones. They may end up spending a lot of money doing things that are never going to work. They may end up making mistakes because they were misled. They may waste so much time, money and energy that the passion leaves them and they may want to give up altogether. The risk is high that this happens, and not worth taking if you can do differently.

We want to avoid those risks because they are avoidable!

How do we do it?

The Fashion Talents Blog decodes the future of fashion business for you and has complete editorial independence. It thinks different about Fashion + Talents and fills the void for an informed and opinionated point of view on the way fashion business will look like tomorrow.

The Fashion Talents Blogs listens to you, to your questions, and gives you answers, information, and opinions so you can move forward. We reflect with you on fashion in all its dimensions: the fashion industry, the fashion business, the evolution of fashion, the future of fashion, the fashion customers, the fashion retail, etc.

The Fashion Talents Blog is not an online fashion magazine.

  • No article about the latest fashion trends (we are not into trends)
  • No article about style recommendations (we leave that to others)
  • No ads for products (we don’t like ads)

The Fashion Talents Blog is yours.

The Fashion Talents Blogs welcomes a community of fashion enthusiasts, fashion thinkers, fashion lovers, and fashion talents.

  • Would you like to contribute?
  • Do you want to share your opinion or concerns about fashion business or the fashion sector?
  • Do you know anyone who would be a great guest blogger for the Fashion Talents Blog?

If yes, please let us know! We are open!

Going back to the initial question, who needs another fashion blog?

Anyone interested in starting a fashion business today.

(Photos from Unsplash: Oleg Sergeichik, Charisse Kenion).

P.S. Fashion Talents is an open marketplace where you create your fashion eBusiness in minutes.

Or contact us to get a demo.

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