How Transparency Wins Love, Loyalty and Sales

by Feb 5, 2018

Everyone knows that today customers are better informed, more conscious and more volatile.

Do you know how to adjust your new fashion startup to these new customers?

The answer is Transparency.

But how much transparent your fashion business should be? And in which areas?

The fashion industry struggles with transparency

Let’s face it. But why is it like that?
  • How can you be transparent if your costs are pretty low and your margins pretty high?
  • How can you be transparent if you use cheap labor, but you sell expensive products?
  • How can you be transparent if middlemen take commissions on your products all along the way from the factory to your customer?
Is that to the benefit of the customer? No.

Which value does it bring to the customer? None.

Transparency will become a basic requirement for the future of the fashion industry

Many other industries are already going for it. This is not a detail. This is a major trend.

Still, many brands keep skipping it as long as possible, so this is your chance to stand out from the crowd. This way, you will tell your customers about the values you have, as a person, as a brand, and as a business.

You can be transparent everywhere it adds value to the customer.

That list is not exhaustive. Transparency should be flowing everywhere in your business. Everything you do for transparency builds confidence, trust, and reputation for your business. It’s very valuable for you and your customers at the same time because people buy from people they know, like and trust.

In the long term, we’re heading towards brands having to ingrain the idea of transparency into their DNA. With every new product they bring out, they’ll have to ensure that they can give all the information they can on sourcing and production. This is going to be the future of how people shop, as more consumers are educated about the industry and will put their money in the brands they feel they can put their trust in.”

Tasmin Blanchard

Journalist, The Business of Fashion

Align the stars of reputation, transparency and trust

Online businesses started with reputation first through rating systems. Transparency is one step further. And trust is the ultimate goal.

Forward-looking fashion leaders now believe that we are headed toward a future where trust becomes an exceptionally powerful currency and, extending the metaphor further, transparency then becomes as indispensable to upholding trust as the modern banking system is for managing our money.”

Kati Chitrakorn

Journalist, The Business of Fashion

Everything you do for transparency builds trust and reputation for your business. The more transparent you are, the higher the reputation you will get from your customers. And the more people get transparency, the more they ask for it.

In our fashion marketplace, transparency goes two ways: between fashion designers and customers, and between fashion designers themselves.

The more you put yourself in the shoes of your customers, the more you will get it right and offer them the best solutions, even when compared to other sellers. It’s a virtuous circle.

Transparency helps everyone get better, and this is where the value is added, way beyond any product itself.

Customers will love your fashion business for that. And a happy customer is a returning customer.

How transparent would you like to be for your customers?

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(Photos from Unsplash: Steinar Engeland, Rene Böhmer).

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