Who Will Help You More To Succeed: Fashion Influencers Or Followers?

by Jan 17, 2018

Do you remember that old saying: “It’s not what you know but who you know”?

This was the motto of networkers, convinced that success often had to do more with the network than with skills.

It was right, but social media entered the world and changed the way to do networking today. Traditional networking is over.

Today, “It’s Not About Who You Know, It’s About Who Knows You.”

The social marketing of your brand and/or yourself will get you much further than any network could ever do. How come?

It’s a question of the shift, target, and scale

The shift is total because in social media, instead of you reaching directly to people, it’s people reaching directly to you. You don’t contact them. They contact you.

How to make that happen today in a world of more than 7 billions people?

You need to shine in what you do and want to become the best. If you get recognition for your work, you will become the “person to know” in your industry, sector, and area of expertise.

Who is going to know you? No everyone, but the right people, the people who are genuinely interested in your topic, your business.

Through the right social media strategy, you will get the right traffic and reach your target customers. You don’t need many people. You need the right people.

Finally, when you start getting the right people know you, it becomes viral, just like word of mouth, and your network of right people grows. More and more people get to know you and more and more customers will come to you.

Knowing people doesn’t scale, but being known to people scales infinitely.

What can fashion influencers and anonymous followers do for you?

These right people we are talking about are anonymous.

They don’t know you before. They find you on the Internet. They get to know you, start to trust you and like you.

Then, they become your evangelists and clients. They can do a lot for you and your business, repeatedly.

There is no overnight success to wait for. You will have to win the love and trust of many anonymous people to become successful.

And it’s possible.

Others did it before you, like Mansur Gavriel for instance. That fashion brand did grow through Instagram with plenty of anonymous people following it first and then buying from it.

People buy from people they know, like and trust”.


Now, what about fashion influencers?

They can definitely help your business get known by their followers, but not at the beginning. You need to prove first that you are worth talking about and you need to prove it first with anonymous people.

When plenty of followers will trust, like you and buy from you, it will be easy to get fashion influencers to tell their readers all the good things about you and boost the number of people getting to know you.

In the end, influent people will not make you succeed. They will just recognize the success you already have.

And keep in mind that some fashion influencers could be the wrong ambassadors and undermine your brand’s authenticity.

What is your plan to get people to know, like and trust you? We would love to hear about it!

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(Photos from Unsplash: Christopher Burns, Alice Donovan Rouse).

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