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How To Win Direct-To-Consumer Fashion Sales

A new battle has started. Established fashion brands are shifting to direct retail for higher margins and happier customers. New fashion labels begin with direct retail. Wholesalers used to have power over brands, big and small, and shoppers. The Internet gives that power back to the fashion designers and their customers.

How Do New Talents Dream Their Future In Fashion?

How do brand new fashion design graduates envision their future in the fashion world? Are they positive? Or worried? Do they dream big? Or small? I met 28 of them at the showroom of the Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne. Let’s discover what the future holds for them.

How To Feel Fearless To Start Your Fashion Business

When dreaming of starting a fashion business, fears can cripple the energy needed. Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear of mediocrity. Fear of rejection. Fear of risk. Some people stay paralyzed forever. Others will be successful in getting rid of their fears and growing their fashion business. The only way? Facing each fear, one after the other. It’s easier than it sounds!

How To Set Up Your Fashion Business Legally?

Online, it’s straightforward to open a store and start selling. You can do it in just a few minutes. But if you want to grow your business, there will be a few administrative tasks to you comply with the business laws and regulations of your country. Get it right and don’t undermine the future of your fashion business.

How To Reach Today Your Future Customers?

How do you get people to know the products of your new fashion business? Traditional marketing is over because it’s not applicable anymore. So, what’s the solution? Have you heard about the new “all-in-one” marketing? No need to plan advertising, communication or Public Relations like before.

How Do You Know Your Price Is Right For The Customer?

This is a tricky topic because customers don’t care about the cost of your fashions. They only care about their perception of a fair price. That perception has not only a big irrational part but also builds up differently for every customer. Let’s go deeper on what to do for pricing fashion products.

What’s In The Head Of A Successful Fashion Designer?

Do you think that it takes a lot of new and creative design ideas to be successful in the fashion business? The design part is just one piece of your fashion business puzzle. You need ideas relevant to any stage and any area of your business. How can your ideas add value to your customers’ lives?

Becoming A Fashion Designer? How To Start On The Right Track

If you want to become a fashion designer, the first step is to know why. When you can say clearly the deep reasons behind your dream, you know your purpose and your motivation will even be reinforced. That way, you can decide how you want to do it and then find out what you need to do to make it. Why? How? What?

How To Become A Fashion Designer: 10 Steps To Success

Every aspiring fashion designer who would like to start their own fashion label is wondering how to start and grow a fashion business. Today it’s much faster, easier and cheaper than ever to start a fashion brand, and we tell you how in 10 steps. To your success!

Is The Fashion Calendar A Necessity Or A Waste?

The fashion industry has been working with a fashion calendar following the buying cycle for decades. But nothing lasts forever, and big brands like Burberry and Tommy Hilfiger disrupted the established fashion calendar in 2016. Fast fashion giants never followed that calendar anyway and aspiring fashion designers shouldn’t either.

What Is The Value Of A Fashion Runway?

Fashion runways’ financial cost is high. But is their economic value high too? Is the ROI worth it? For Luxury brands, certainly. For aspiring fashion designers, we can question that expense. Isn’t it a vanity expense and a wrong business decision more than anything else? Fashion designers felt that runways were absolutely needed to launch their label. Today, it’s not true anymore.

Who Needs To Follow The Fashion Trends?

The trend business is very lucrative as nearly the whole fashion industry buys trend books and trend consulting services. In the end, who is it beneficial for? The brands, all designing the same fashions? The customers, only finding the same styles in stores? The trends business, selling the same recommendations to everyone? That’s an economy of scale based on the fashion industry’s fear to miss any sale.

This Is #1 Way To Start Your 1st Fashion Collection

Do up-and-coming fashion designers need to produce a new collection every 6 months? Or is it a waste of time and money to start a fashion business like that today? The truth is that the internet has brought new ways to launch fashion labels much faster and easier.

How To Avoid Unsuccessful Fashion Designs

Does fashion always need to be very creative? Many people don’t want to wear anything “creative,” but everything “wearable.” That is what they pay for: clothes they feel happy and good to wear. Not clothes that will clutter their wardrobe and gather dust. How do you avoid designing clothes nobody wants to wear?

Do Fashion Schools Make Successful Fashion Designers?

Fashion schools are one way to try to be successful in the fashion business. But the results are alarming, and fashion investors question the programs. Even with a fashion design degree in their pocket, still too many aspiring fashion designers will not have a job in fashion design or will not even work in the fashion industry at all.

7 Fashion Myths That Waste Your Time And Money

Like any industry, the fashion business carries common stereotypes and misconceptions. Do you know the most dangerous ones for your business? It’s crucial for you fashion startup to avoid them if you don’t want to end up on a dead end with a massive debt on your shoulders. In this article, we debunk them, one by one, to make sure you start on the right track.

Who Needs Another Fashion Blog?

Numerous fashion blogs are made for bloggers instead of readers. A quick search on Google for “fashion blogs” and you find the top 100 with nearly only personal fashion blogs telling you all the trends and what to wear this season. Fashion influencers are paid by fashion brands to do so. The fashion Talents Blog has an entirely different purpose and a radically different view on fashion.

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