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At Fashion Talents, we believe in the power of fashion to make everyone look and feel good.

We also believe that there is today an easier way to launch and scale a fashion business,
less stressful and less expensive.

This is our mission to create it, and we need your help to shape it.

We are obsessively passionate about simplifying fashion business and helping independent fashion talents achieve success.

Where Fashion Meets

One Marketplace. Many Talents.

Empowering Independent Fashion eBusinesses

The Fashion Talents Marketplace gives every fashion business a chance to shine in our global online fashion fair:
a place to buy and sell everything fashionable.

Fashion Business Modernity means:

  • Releasing creativity and talent wherever it is
  • Avoiding middlemen to communicate directly with customers who care and moving towards self-sufficiency as a creator
  • Achieving the most profitable kind of artistic freedom

We’ve got the Know-How and the Tool that you need to sell your fashion designs.

  • We offer free tools to independent fashion talents to start and run a fashion business.
  • We put the power and the profits back into the hands of the fashion business owners.

Accessing Fashion for eCustomers

As a fashion lover, you find unique fashion products at fair prices.

Plus you have a chance to support up-and-coming fashion talents, and help them grow their business worldwide.

I strongly believe that the changes in our modern society will induce a massive disruption in the fashion business like it did already in many other business sectors, providing ample new opportunities for emerging fashion talents and better offers to fashion customers across the world”.
Fanny Signeyrole

CEO + Co-founder, Fashion Talents

Do you want
your own fashion business?

Learn how Fashion Talents can help you
launch your own fashion startup
in no time

Are you
a fashion-loving customer?

Discover how to become part of
the Fashion Talents tribe
around the world

Want to buy unique fashion products? Without having to pay high prices?

Fashion Talents opens fashion eBusiness to every talent so they can bring to you never-seen-before fashion products, with a story behind.
Those unique fashion pieces at fair prices will put a smile on your face and make you crave to wear them.
We are not another online store. We are a hub where fashion meets.
One marketplace. Many talents.
Come shop with us
around the world and around the clock!

Want to start a fashion business? But feel helpless?

Whether you have experience or not, Fashion Talents helps you start a fashion business and make it a success, without wasting time or money.
Test your product ideas and start right away as a full-time professional activity, a side-job while you are already working somewhere else, or as a profitable hobby.
You have the flexibility and we give you the visibility in the fashion world!

The story behind Fashion Talents

Fashion Talents‘ mission is to set small fashion businesses up for success.

We know that the conventional old methods make it impossible for many newcomers in fashion to thrive, survive or even start, while there are way better options today.

That’s why we:

  • remove all the barriers to entry (no investment, no experience, no network, no minimums)
  • open fashion business to every talent (no application, no selection)
What’s the situation?

  1. The challenge today in the fashion business is not to be more creative than others.
    It is to sell in an overcrowded online offer and fast-changing fashion industry.
  2. Fashion remains one of the key value-creating industry for the world economy.
  3. Valuable and affordable luxury fashions are likely to be the big winners shortly.



  • Clear value proposition: affordability like fast fashion + unique and exclusive designs
  • Higher margins and rapid growth through an online channel strategy
  • Fashion immediacy with capsule collections and product drops fast to produce and market
  • More returning customers thanks to direct and deeper relationships
  • Agility facing market changes and different buying behaviors via data, reviews, and feedback access

Our promise.

1. Avoiding time and money waste

At Fashion Talents, we don’t want to see any longer any fashion startup wasting time and money on anything that is not making their business successful (like business plans, trend books, market research, collections, runways, etc…)

And yet, the fashion industry – from educators to retailers – continues to encourage designers to develop broad seasonal concepts six-to-nine months before they hit stores and remain at an arm’s length from the consumer through wholesale partnerships and traditional press. These designers have been set up to fail. It’s everything from education to mentorship. The rules of the game just don’t work”.
Lawrence Lenihan

Fashion investor in early-stage fashion brands, 2017

2. Following customers’ needs, behaviors and desires

At Fashion Talents, we decode the fashion business to help you sell your products.
Consumers discover and buy fashion differently today. Fashion brands selling expensive clothes for profit are very much challenged by fast fashion selling similar styles for reasonable quality and prices.
Changes always bring new opportunities, and this is your chance to play your cards.
Everyone is changing the way they live, work, shop, eat. Our industry is not immune to that change, and our customers are not immune to those changes”.
Christopher Bailey

Chief Creative Officer of Burberry, 2016

3. Empowering fashion talents

At Fashion Talents, we simplify the way to do fashion business and give you a tool to create your fashion success.
The Internet changes the whole game, either for online or physical stores.
Launching a profitable and successful fashion eBusiness is reachable today with no experience and no investment.

Businesses can now reach customers without the constraints of geography or capital. Given this, one can build a business that is really specific to a very tightly defined group of target customers and not has to worry about there being enough of them in any given geography. All new brands will be born on the Internet, as it provides the ubiquitous and omnipresent platform for a deeper and more intense relationship with customers. The internet has also provided new brands with an incredible opportunity to launch their business at a fraction of the cost, and in a fraction of the time, it took before. What’s more, the Internet creates incredible market transparency”.
Lawrence Lenihan

Fashion investor in early-stage fashion brands, 2017

Fashion Talents changes the rules of the game, making fashion business accessible and flexible for everyone.

The Fashion Talents Blog

As a fashion talent, you have all the resources for fashion business success in yourself.

The Fashion Talents Blog does exist only to support you with the right guidance, so you do not waste any time or money on your way to the top.

The Fashion Talents Blog decodes for you the fashion eBusiness of tomorrow to help you create a business out of your passion today. With valid and actionable information, you can start quickly your fashion business the right way and have a realistic chance to become successful.

At Fashion Talents, we value the freedom to have an opinionated view of the fashion world, and our approach is radically different from what have been told for decades by fashion schools, experts, and professionals. That’s why it’s game-changing.

With the combination of the blog and the marketplace, you have all the tools and tactics to get your fashion startup off the ground regarding designing, producing, pricing, selling, marketing, etc.

All the information is absolutely free and will remain free. For free coaching and support, get in touch with us.

The Fashion Talents Company

Fashion Talents is a registered company backed up by investors and senior advisers.

Fanny Signeyrole is the CEO + Co-founder of Fashion Talents, and a passionate and tireless promoter of new fashion eBusinesses.

She was born and raised in the fashion business. Her father was a fashion designer and businessman creating two fashion factories in France. Her mother was the general manager of one of those factories.
Fanny has a Master in History of Art from the Ecole du Louvre in Paris and an MBA in Luxury Brand Marketing and International Management from EDC Paris Business School.
She started her career at Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne and then worked for Nina Ricci in Paris. After moving to the United States and Canada, she worked in business management and consulting.
She lives now in Madrid, where she started Fashion Talents, and she is thrilled to be back to the fashion business as fashion is her first love.

I have always wanted to help new fashion businesses make a difference in the fashion world, but I didn’t know how. It was painful for me not to work in the fashion industry for many years and I don’t want the same to happen to the generation of newcomers in fashion. Fashion Talents empowers them to run their dream business.”.

Fanny Signeyrole

FashionTalents, 2018

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