7 Effortless Ways To Wow Customers With An Enchanting Delivery

by Sep 17, 2018

How did your last online fashion delivery go? Was it a good experience?

Or eventless? You did receive your product.

Or was it an enchanting experience?

Not only you received the product, but you also remember very well how you received it.

Because something was smart, useful, helpful, beneficial… And it did put a smile on your face.

The brand went an extra mile to make you feel so charmed with your delivery that you decide to buy again.

Aren’t returning customers the holy grail for every fashion label?

Let’s look at a few brands, big and small, to discover 7 effortless ways to make online customers desire to buy from your fashion label…

Over and over again.

May I show you?

1. Customers Want Their Questions Answered

What are the 2 obvious questions bugging all online customers?

a. When are they going to ship my order?

Today? In a few days? And how many days, exactly?

Needless to say, the earliest it ships, the earliest it arrives.

And it’s also a test for your first-time customer to see how reactive your brand is.

b. When are they going to deliver my order?

Most websites give information about delivery timing for each product. This is another basic need for online stores.

This is a very sensitive topic.

When timeframes are wrong, brands create furious customers.

A real-life example:

– A product needs a 72-hour delivery time: OK.
– In the order confirmation email, the delivery suddenly needs 3 weeks: Bad surprise.
– The product did not arrive on the delivery date stated: Irritation.
– It arrived 1 week after many calls the customer made to the customer service: Nightmare.

You can guess! The customer will remember that negative experience forever.

And you want to avoid that to happen at any cost to stay in business.

Want another real fashion example of “When Online Shopping Goes Wrong?”

When Tu Anh Tran, a student in Finland, ordered a velour tracksuit from Juicy Couture’s website on Black Friday, she assumed she’d be wearing it by Christmas morning. Instead, her order didn’t arrive until March. Tran called Juicy at least half a dozen times for updates on her order, as well as a promised refund that never fully materialized. She estimates she racked up at least 50 euros ($61) in international telephone charges, much of it spent on hold to the company’s customer service line.”

Chantal Fernandez

Journalist, The Business of Fashion

Our recommendation:

– Do not give any work to your customers.
– Answer their implicit and most important questions right after they have ordered… with true info.
– Use automated emails, and it will be effortless.

An example of a perfect information sequence:

A quick recap!

Sunday: Order made and paid.

Monday morning:  Automated email from Asket letting the customer know that:

  • The order was received
  • The delivery will happen between 1 to 3 day
  • The next message will tell when the package is shipped

Monday:  Another automated email from Asket letting the customer know that:

  • The order was shipped
  • The tracking number

Monday evening: Automated email from the delivery company letting the customer know that:

  • The package is on its way
  • The Precise day of arrival

Tuesday: Automated email from the delivery company saying that the delivery is that day.

Simple and dead on!

How much do you free up your customers’ minds to make them desire to buy from you again?

2. Customers Appreciate Fast Deliveries

Customers often buy designers’ fashions for future special events. If so, they may feel stressed that the order arrives on time.

Fast fashion and the Internet made fashion immediacy a reality in people’s lives. And they engraved that desire into fashion customers’ minds.

Zara needs only 2 weeks from the fashion sketch to the clothes hanging on store racks all around the world.

Then, it should take much less for fashion items already made to arrive at their online customers’ locations. Don’t you think?

And Zara confirmed recently in the news that they can now ship to each country in the world.

Quite a commitment!

Your job:

– Prepare your customers’ orders as quickly as possible.
– Have a process in place not to waste any time.
– Select fast and reliable delivery services, and it will be effortless.

The fastest delivery:

The fastest deliveries I ever received came from Asket.

As you can see in the first paragraph example:
A Sunday order arrived on Tuesday evening from the north of Europe to the South of Europe.
The price was around 10 euros for the service.
And the delivery was even free from a certain amount of spending.

There is room for improvement in that area for the vast majority of fashion brands.

And even the fast fashion giants don’t beat Asket‘s lightning fast deliveries. Yet, they have more means to do so. Only Amazon does it with their Prime service (next day). And Farfetch offers same-day delivery, but for limited locations in the world.

How fast do you reduce your customers’ stress to get relaxed returning customers?

3. Customers Enjoy Valuable Packaging

What is the favorite packaging you ever received? You may have kept it even. I did.

We often destroy a packaging when opening it. We then discard or recycle it whenever possible, even when it’s still in good shape. No need to be a Minimalist not to want to clutter your home with packaging.

Unless the packaging is valuable.
– When you can re-use it for another purpose.
– Or when it provides valuable information like the COS plastic protection for underwear and the PAKT One wrapping paper showing useful features of the luggage.

Bottom line:

The right packaging protects the items until they reach your customer. That is its first and essential function.

But when your packaging is so useful that your customers:
– keep it
– use it and get reminded of your brand each time they do

Then, you are one step further in winning the heart of your customers.

And you are ahead of your competition.

It’s effortless to use the right packaging over the wrong options.

My favorite packaging:

For 2 reasons:

a. “Our boxes are made from boxes with a past” is a lovely statement about recycling and shows care about the planet. I am not a green freak, but it makes me feel good when I can do something good for the environment.

b. These boxes have a simple and nice look, and they are very useful to keep things away from dust. I use them to store away my winter sweaters when spring comes.

How many reasons do you give to your customers so they crave to buy from you again?

4. Customers Love Thank You Notes

“Thank You” is basic politeness, right?

Still, I receive orders without any. Same for you?

Some brands think that it is enough to thank the customer in the order confirmation email.

It is not.

Let’s be clear. When customers give you their hard-earned money, you cannot thank them enough.

A Thank You Email and a Thank You Note are basic requirements.

Most fashion brands do send them. But how do they do it?

A “Thank You” card like the one from Maje always looks nice.


It’s effortless to say, “Thank You.”

But you can also go one step further and use that opportunity to show your customers how much you care about them.

Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Theodore Roosevelt

Late President of the United States

The most caring Thank You Notes:

Asket did it again!

They have 3 different Thank You Notes to express their care to different types of customer.

Let me show you.

a. With your first order, they welcome you into the “Asket family.”

b. With your next orders, they appreciate that you are a returning customer.

c. With your exchange, they want to make sure they solved your problem.

Do you know any fashion brand beating that level of care?

How much care do you need to become a loyal customer?

5. Customers Need Returns Made Easy

Let’s face it.

Returns are a source of stress and hassle for each customer.

When buying online, customers know that:
– The colors may not look the same in person.
– The feeling may be different from what they expect as they cannot touch the materials.

For clothes, there is a bigger problem. You cannot try them on to see if they fit or not.
That is why the risk of return is higher on clothes than on accessories.

Returns are unavoidable, but stress and hassle are not.

What type of help should you provide to your customers?

a. Return tag from the delivery company already provided (in case). Your customer removes the previous sticker and sticks the new one on the delivery box or bag. Simple and quick!

b. Step-by-step process. Your customer follows simple instructions. It takes only a few minutes. Simple and quick too!

All done! And not that much effort on your side when you partner with the right delivery service.

Little extras:

– Free returns to remove a part of the friction for online orders. For customers, it means that their mistakes are free of charge.
– A delivery driver coming to your place and get the parcel to return instead of you driving to a location. How convenient that is! No time wasted for you.

The best in class?

Asket does it all:
– Return label provided
– Only one email to write for the customer to let Asket know about the return
– A driver coming to your place to get the parcel and return it
– Returns free of charge

What else?

How stress-free and hassle-free your returns are to make your customers buy and buy again in a blink of an eye?

6. Customers Expect Clear Information

Your customers need some pieces of information and expect you to provide them.

Like care instructions and return rules for instance.

Do not let your customers guess. Because they may guess wrong.

Making any info crystal clear for your customer is necessary.

And saying it with nice words is effortless!

My favorite of all?

The devil is in the details.

Which details do you use to get raving fans to come back to your fashion brand and products?

7. Customers Adore Happy Surprises

Happy surprises delight your customers, win their hearts, and stick to their minds.

Because they use your gift. That means you solved one of their problems for free.

And because they associate your brand name with the word “generosity.” That means that they are likely going to reciprocate.

Stairway to getting returning customers!

What type of surprise gift could you add to orders?

Only a valuable one for your customers.

Ideas are endless, but not all are costless.

A beautiful catalog is a charming way to inspire your customers to style your fashions. Lena Hoschek‘s catalog shows the new collection in beautiful settings.

A lovely fabric bag is useful to carry stuff your customers cannot, or do not want, to put in their purse. Maje offers its 20th Anniversary Bag with every online order in 2018.

– Decide which surprise to make according to your budget and marketing strategy
– It’s then effortless to add it to every order.

What is the best surprise gift you ever received with your order from a fashion brand? Did you buy from them again after?

Customers are the king and queen makers of brands today.”

Emily Weiss

CEO, Glossier

Ravishing your customers with a dazzling delivery can be effortless.

The bad news?

With only one bad experience, customers are forever lost.

And they tell everyone around them about how bad your brand is.

With an average experience:
– Your brand doesn’t stay in your customers’ minds.
– They don’t tell anyone about it.
– Chances are low they will buy again.

Now, the good news!

Customers remember very well each wonderful experience.
They cannot wait to tell their friends.
More often, quicker and easier through social media.

But even better than that: they cannot wait to buy again…

And they do.

Tell us about your delivery experiences as a fashion label or as an online fashion customer in the comments. We cannot wait to know!

(Photos from Unsplash: Bench Accounting, Drew Beamer, Maarten Van Den Heuvel, Niklas Hamann).

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